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Buy e-currency
Operation of top-up e-currency wallets
How does it work? !
  • Step № 1

    Select currency and enter the amount you wish to receive. This amount will be transferred to your wallet.

    Select a country from which you will make a payment, it is very important for each country specific payment methods are available. Your actual place of residence may not be the same, say the presence of a bank account in another country from where you plan to send the payment.

    If your country is the available methods of payment, it will display information on the form below.

    Click on the appropriate method of payment and proceed to fill in forms.

    calculation of the amounts that you see on this page is preliminary and is for informational purposes, an exact calculation will be made in the next step.

  • Step № 2

    To go to this step, you must be registered, the system will suggest enter in the account or register a new account. After a successful login, fill out the form, check the entered data and confirm the operation.

  • Step № 3

    The new operation is successfully placed in the system!
    Now, you only get from us details of where you should send your payment. If the payment can be made online, you will be redirected to the appropriate system for the payment.

    As soon as we receive your payment, your account will be funded within minutes!

Payment for a new operation must be send within 2-3 business days, otherwise the operation will be canceled.

If you don't see in the list desired currency select the drop-down menu «Other currencies» and you will be redirected to another domain service, which will probably find what you were looking. ;)

Our services

General information

Need top up Webmoney ? You can easily do this using any convenient for you, bank transfer. For us it does not matter - whether it be through the translation of fast payments, internet banking or international shipping funds directly from bank branches - the choice is yours!

To calculate the cost of fill in all required fields - the country from which you will be sending funds, the amount you want to receive and currency - is required. After clicking "Continue" you will see the available methods for your country. On the methods described below.

Processing time

Processing time depends on the chosen method of recruitment. At the moment, there are 5 ways that are available anywhere in the world. All methods have one thing - we pay the money only after enrollment into our account.

Top up via Western Union

Method available in any country! You do not need to have a bank account: to send enough to come to the nearest Western Union (as a rule, all bank branches cooperate with the system) to convey details of the beneficiary and provide your own passport. After a couple of hours of the transfer will be with us!

Do not forget to provide track-transfer code to our manager!

Top up via SWIFT

SWIFT - an international system of bank transfers. Sending performed or through internet banking (if you have), or in the nearest bank branch. Limits for the operation is not, and you can buy Webmoney WMZ though tens of thousands of dollars! Term funds are credited to our account within 3 working days.

Top up via SEPA

The European system of interbank transfers - so the abbreviation stands for SEPA. Available only for the citizens of the euro area and shipping is done from a bank account to a bank account, which implies the presence of the latter at the sender. Term of the enrollment for 3 days.

SEPA - the perfect answer to the question "How top up Webmoney" in Europe!

Top up via Sofort

SOFORT - a convenient system of interbank transfers for a period of enrollment from 1 to 3 days. With this system you can refill the electronic purse for an amount not exceeding EUR 500 - this is the limit of our system.

Top up via Contact

Contact - transfer systems. Translation come for a few hours and immediately after it is received we will make the payment to you. Fast and convenient!