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Promotions and loyalty programs

Each of these programs has its own criteria under which you can take part in it, it's:

  • — the current status of your account on the system;
  • — the time elapsed from the date of registration in the system;
  • — amount of the operation;
  • — currency or type of operation;
  • — the number of completed operations;

These and other parameters determined by the system and if you have done by the new operation is qualified to participate in any loyalty program, you'll see information on the page of placing operations.

To participate in most loyalty programs can only registered client.

The system has five main types of loyalty programs.

1. Earning bonus points of the operation amount

You earn bonus points that are credited to your internal account balance when exchange operation is completed. Points depends on the size of the operation amount. Upon reaching a certain amount of points on your account, you can convert them into discount coupon that will give a discount on the commission a service that you can use in a new operation in the system. Bonus points are burned, if they have not been converted to a coupon code after 180 days from the last transfer of points to the account.

2. Charging a fixed amount of bonus points from the operation amount

Similarly, paragraph 1, except that here you earn a fixed number of points regardless of the operation amount.

3. Discount on service fee

This action allows you to save here and now in the commission of the exchange, purchase, sell e-currencies. You get a discount on the service commission as a percentage. For example - you exchange 1000 WMZ Webmoney to 30000 Webmoney WMR, service fee is 5 % without any promotional will be 50 WMZ, if you see a special offer - discount on service fee 50%, your savings will be 25 WMZ! Nice? Information on how much you have saved, will be available on the exchange form.

This program is available as well for non-registered customers.

4. Receive disount coupons

You are registered in the social networks Facebook, vKontakte and so on and make transactions with electronic currencies? Add our official group to friends or just "Like" it, then contact Customer Support and notify us about it. We will send to your e-mail for a discount coupon code that you can use to save on the exchange. One condition: you must be a registered client. Size of the discount coupon to the personal customer service representative to a few, but can not be more than 100%.

5. Drawing of valuable prizes

This you probably will not find anywhere else! Making operations in our service you can become a participant in a raffle for valuable prizes and cash rewards. If your operation qualifies for participation in such promotion you automatically become a party to it if your operation is successfully completed.

The process demonstrates the prize draw in the video, where as in a conventional lottery our employee pulls paper from the container with an identification number of the participant. Winners will be available in the news, as well as on the official pages of twitter, social networks.

We reserve the right to change the terms of the promotions and settings of loyalty programs in sole discretion unilaterally.