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Terms and conditions of service platform eCashMe

This agreement establishes the terms and conditions under which services are provided by platform eCashMe, as well as the responsibilities and rights by using the eCashMe. User agrees to read carefully and accept the terms of this agreement. This Agreement may be amended unilaterally eCashMe without notifying the user.

Parties to the agreement online platform eCashMe (hereinafter eCashMe) and the User.

Operation — performed by User of the transaction on the site eCashMe exchange, top-up, withdraw of units of electronic payment systems or any other available services published on the site of the Service .

Service description and rules for its use.

  1. eCashMe provides top-up and withdrawal of units of electronic payment systems, automatic and semi automatic exchange, top-up accounts and payment for services/goods on the registered merchant-sites, providers, co-branding issue of payment cards on the following conditions.

  2. eCashMe provides services to any users of payment systems that are supported by the eCashMe now.

  3. eCashMe does not validate the legitimacy and legality of ownership by the User of payment means or electronic payment units, and does not exercise supervision over the operations produced by the User for any payment systems.

  4. Any operation exchange units of electronic payment systems buy or sale can not be canceled after its completion (processing), that is receipt of funds owed to it by the User, in any form of payment according to the previously accepted by the terms of the operation.

    If during the operation violated the rules of this User Agreement or the rules of engagement in the system, eCashMe has the right to cancel the uncompleted operation and return the funds, net of the user according to the current commission rates for operations performed by the user and and possible charges of payment systems for the return of the funds received user.

    eCashMe assumes no liability if the user during the operation have incorrect details purse payment systems, bank details, and operation can not be completed due to his fault.

    Service does not receive or send payments to third parties or unidentified persons. The right to use the Service owned by the user himself, and he has no right to transfer control to an account in the Service, accounts in electronic payment systems and bank accounts to third parties.

  5. Electronic payment systems are the sole responsibility of the User for the safety and accounting of the funds entrusted to them. eCashMe is not a party to the agreement between the user and the system of electronic payments and is not responsible for any misuse or deliberate abuse of the user-defined functions of the electronic payment system. All relations between the user and the system of electronic payments are governed by agreements and rules adopted in the corresponding system.

  6. eCashMe does not provide additional guarantees, and is provided "AS IS". Service does not assume any other liability to the User. In case of disagreement with the user's condition, he will not use the service.Service shall be liable to User for funds entrusted to them solely in the time of the transactions on the sites of the Service and Once the operation is successfully completed, and the User has received funds owed to him, full service disclaims any responsibility for the continued use of the funds received by the User.

  7. Management company% company_name% sets the exchange rates and commission in its sole discretion to unilaterally according to the market of electronic currencies, liquidity units of electronic payment systems, its own reserves and other parameters. Information about rates, commissions and volume units of electronic payment systems appear on the site and the Service is a public offer.

  8. Current operating rates and fees published on the site eCashMe, provided to the User at the time of acceptance of the terms of the Operation. Any charges associated with the use of electronic payment systems, and specified in the relevant agreement between the user and the system of electronic payments, paid by User.

    eCashMe may recalculate the amount of outstanding asset to the user placed their operations, if in the process of payments exchange rate of one currency has changed by more than 1.5% of original value.

    eCashMe is not responsible for the change in value of assets due to changes in world currency exchange rates or the cost of precious metals, which can occur during a transaction.

    Any costs associated with the use of electronic payment systems, and specified in the relevant agreement between the User and the system of electronic payments, paid by User.

  9. eCashMe is not responsible:

    — for the delays, malfunctions in computer and electrical networks and telecommunications systems encountered in the performance of the Operation;
    — for the force majeure of the electronic payment systems;
    — for a change of political regimes in countries, civil unrest.

    eCashMe can change the rate of operation, depending on factors such as availability of automated payment systems, interfaces, and the size of the current reserves. The User must build a business or private needs in a way that does not depend on on the execution speed. eCashMe is making every effort to ensure that transactions are processed in the target dates. However, under no circumstances be liable for the consequences for the User or its business that have resulted in delays in operations.

  10. eCashMe does not disclose information about the operations of users and their personal data. Disclosure of information about the User and its operation is only possible at the request of the authorized state bodies, representatives of the payment systems or by a court injunction when there are legal grounds for that.

  11. Service has the right to cancel or suspend the user's current operation, if authorized by state authorities or administration of payment systems will go information on the incompetence of ownership by the User funds, accounting units of electronic payment systems, or other information that makes it impossible to conduct current operations.

  12. User agrees not to violate their actions legally established standards and regulations.

    eCashMe is not a tax agent and does not notify user about any potential tax costs when using the Service. Using the services of eCashMe, User is solely responsible for the payment of taxes or other payments under the tax laws of the country at his place of residence.

  13. All disputes between services and users are resolved amicably through negotiations. If the dispute is not resolved in this manner, it will be reviewed in court at the place of registration of the Service Management Company or its legal representative.

  14. User agrees not to use the services eCashMe, when he noticed a technical fault in the Service. About the same time, he shall immediately notify the help desk or in the administration of the Service.

    User warrants damages or damages eCashMe as a result of their intentional or unintentional actions that resulted in loss of the Service. eCashMe may appeal to the administration of payment systems for the request to block the User's account to resolve the situation, as well as law enforcement agencies.

  15. eCashMe is responsible for conducting user operations solely on the sites service and Employees of the Service will never turn to the first user with a proposal to make a deal via Internet instant messengers, social networks or forums. The exception is the official promotions distribution, leading to the above sites, and promotional information on the official pages on social networks, blog or Twitter. Service shall be liable only within their own accounts in payment systems.Service shall be liable only within their own accounts in payment systems.

  16. eCashMe reserves the right to amend this agreement unilaterally, without notice to User.