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How does it work? !
Exchange WebMoney to PayPal

General information

Webmoney and PayPal are two most famous in the world of payment systems, which appeared at the dawn of e-commerce. It is worth noting that Webmoney - over PayPal for a few years, it will start in 1997!

As an official representative of Webmoney (All information about us can be found in the catalog of official representatives Megastock), we'll help you make the exchange Webmoney to PayPal as soon as possible.

The operation takes only a few hours: every order is checked and processed manually by the operator. Due to this, in the event of emergency situations (for example, an account of the recipient can not receive payments due to geo - radar restrictions PayPal), we will promptly contact you and together find a way to solve the problem.

How to make exchange?

In the first stage you choose payment systems and currency pairs. Click Continue, you will be redirected to the calculation - there you will get the latest information on quotes and commissions. Exchange Webmoney to PayPal we quickly and profitably :)

If you have any questions, you can always ask them your online consultant with whom you can communicate using chat in the bottom right corner of the display!

Requirements for accounts

For exchange are permitted only verified accounts Webmoney, older than 7 days. It is also desirable to account verification system PayPal, because it is for a number of countries there is a limit to receive incoming payments for unverified accounts.Furthermore, both accounts must belong to the same person and have the same data. Verification is done automatically. If you have any discrepancies - contact your service provider, it will help in the decision.

How to make an exchange, if the account holders are different people?

Unfortunately, we can not make an exchange in favor of a third party. If you need just such a service - please refer to our operator, he will give you expert advice on this matter!