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Information about tariffs and fees
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West Union
0.00%, min. 5.00 USD
Terms execution of payments

Local bank transfers in local currency

are processed within 1-2 business days (excluding weekends and national holidays), unless you make mistakes and errors in the administration of the payment. If you make a mistake in the details of the payee, the placement of payment may be increased up to 3-4 days.

International Banking SWIFT transfers credited to our account within 2-3 business days (in most cases 2 banking days).

Quick money transfers are processed from 3 to 24 hours.

Deposit accounts in payment occurs within 10-30 minutes after receiving your payment .

Tariffs, fees and currency conversion

* processing fee — the fee charged by the paying agent (bank or transfer systems) during the enrollment payment to our account. Usually, the amount of the commission fixed or varies the amount of committed transactions.

** Percentage commission varies from the amount of transactions (the larger the amount of payment the lower the percentage).

With SWIFT international banking transfers , banks, intermediary may charge an additional fee, usually no more than 10-20 USD/EUR or its equivalent in other currency. Try to send transfers with option OUR, that is you pay all the expenses for sending the payment, otherwise, arising intermediary bank commissions will be considered when processing your operation.

Please note that we do not consider additional charges that may arise with your part when sending payments to our address.

Some payment systems have the extra money on the currency conversion, so the potential costs incurred during the enrollment payments to us will be considered when processing transactions.

To convert amounts in a cross-currency operations (eg USD/EUR), we use the most recent and current world rates, which are updated every hour.