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Supplemental information, knowledge base, frequently asked questions
About exchangers Webmoney
The very first exchange Webmoney appeared in 2001 under the name Roboxchange. While exchange services could make the exchange of title characters Webmoney without any restrictions on any other e-currency also top-up and withdraw Webmoney even without customer identification.
Since then much has changed - the tougher requirements of the system Webmoney, there were tens of exchange centers and practically every other Internet user knows what the titular characters Webmoney and how they can spend.
Each WM exchanger passes certain validation procedure by the system Webmoney, before receiving authorization and permission to conduct such activities in the system Webmoney.
But not all are equally useful exchangers . Let's see - what you first need to pay attention to:

  1. exchanger must be in solid financial reserves in all payment systems in which it operates. Exchanging for example Webmoney to PayPal, make sure that the actual exchanger has the amount you need there are often provisions for informative.  Also on the site must be indicated with comprehensive information on financial reserves;
  2. WM exchanger must be present in the directory Megastock - it is a prerequisite of the system Webmoney. Online service must be specified registration number in the catalog Megastock and have attention on the website - «Risk disclosure Webmoney»;
  3. when you transfer funds carefully read the settlement amount you wish to send and receive after the exchange, as well possible additional charges in exchange, which can not be listed;
  4. exchange service should have a modern design and updated news, it says that the service is alive and running.

Exchanger Webmoney - «eCashMe» was developed by Rock Planet inc. which has 9 years of experience in the market of electronic currencies and financial instruments.
We have come a long way of becoming reality and we provide reliable service exchange, topup and withdraw of electronic currencies with high reputation and low commissions.