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Exchange buy, sell Webmoney
It's no secret that in recent years there has been a rapid growth of this economic phenomenon of e-commerce. In connection with this, there is an urgent need for a universal tool for online payments. This versatile tool steel so-called electronic money of different payment systems. The biggest (and deserved) popularity and proliferation of electronic money systems are Webmoney, where users record purses for different types of currency. Thus, for the equivalent of rubles are WMR purses for USD WMZ, the euro WME, for the ukrainian hryvnia WMU, belarusian rubles WMB and gold WMG.

WebMoney does not restrict its users topup and withdrawal of title characters in the system. Each user can easily topup WMZ, or buy WMR, sell WME, WMU and perform other operations with digital units of WebMoney Transfer. TopupWebmoney purse or withdraw WM through exchanges but are not limited to the possibility of the system, the user can only if the certificate is not lower than "formal" and above. Make automatic exchange of Webmoney, for example, between WMZ and WME WMR or WMU purse and you can and at the lowest level certificate - "Alias".

In carrying out such operations the main condition is that the rate of electronic item, which works with the WM Transfer, must be registered in the catalog Megastock, easy to use and had the most favorable rates and exchange rates. Only if there is an appeal to the professional exchange service, you can count on the ease of topup, withdrawal or exchange of title characters WM.

Exchanger eCashMe set out to maximally facilitate exchange of Webmoney, and the purchase and sale of title characters WM, making them the most profitable and convenient for its customers.

Being certified exchange office, service eCashMe carries out its work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This, along with the ongoing operations automatically, our customers can take the help of skilled operators, customer support, which will give detailed answers in English, Russian and Spanish.

Very convenient for the customers of our service is the ability to produce Automatic exchange Webmoney. To perform an automatic exchange should go to "Automatic exchange" and select the currency in the appropriate table of the service. For example, to exchange Webmoney WMR to WMZ. In the top field, "You pay" enter the amount of WMR, we are going to exchange the "get" will show the amount of WMZ which will be transferred to after successful completion of the exchange transaction. Next, you need to accept the rules of the exchange transaction, confirm that the information is spelled correctly and move on to the Merchant Interface payment system Webmoney. After successful payment, exchange transactions will be processed in a matter of seconds, and the amount will be credited to WMZ purse. Congratulations, the exchange has been completed successfully!

In addition to the opportunity to replenish WM or exchange in our service, it is possible to withdraw from Webmoney purses. Webmoney withdraw by bank transfer is the most convenient option for people in more than 40 countries where we have a local bank presence. What does this mean and what benefits it gives to the client? Let's look at an example, you have a certain amount of WMZ, you live in Germany and want to withdraw money from Webmoney wallet to your bank account in the Bank of Germant in the Euro. Placing operation wthdraw from Webmoney purse in system eCashMe and paying from WMZ purse we will pay to you funds with the Spanish bank in euros. That is the transfer will be carried out in one country without a SEPA or SWIFT transfer. This will allow you to save on bank charges, and most importantly reduce the transit time of the payment. Indeed within the same country it will take one or at most two days. If your country is not listed as a local bank presence you can use SWIFT transfer with very low cost of sending an international transfer in USD or transfer systems Unistream, Contact. Please note that the service does not use eCashMe personal bank account for the buy/sell Webmoney. All transactions are conducted exclusively through corporate bank accounts.