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Rules of exchange Webmoney->PayPal

Exchange Webmoney to PayPal is simple operation but needs some steps to complete. Payment System Webmoney has a strict rules regarding top-up purse,withdraw and exchange between other payment systems. In the instructions below we will look at two situations how Exchange Webmoney to PayPal

E-mail of your Webmoney WMID and PayPal email is match.

The most convenient way to make the exchange is necessary to make only one simple operation! You must link your Paypal account with your Webmoney purse in "Control Panel". Please follow this guide:

Link Paypal to WMID

Step 2 of link PayPal to WMID

After that you can safely place order for exchange

E-mail WMID and registration E-mail on PayPal are not the same


The easiest way add email to which is registered Webmoney WMID and add this email like additional email in PayPal account and specify this email like your PayPal account in Control Panel like PayPal account. After that you can return to exchange form and place order for exchange Webmoney to Paypal.