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Webmoney Transfer

Webmoney Transfer - is an international payment system created to manage the financial operations carried out in the Internet as for personal use of individual users and for business transactions. It was founded in 1998 and includes for each participant in the system to provide a single interface through which to control the property rights belonging to them regarding their available property. These values ​​are in the custody of the Guarantor - of the specialized companies.

When user registered in Webmoney and after providing information about themselves he receive a WM-Passport to be able to interact with the rest users of the system. The unit available to the user of the system called WM which is kept by the Guarantor, is considered Title Units WM appropriate type of currency. For ease of use these WM signs, purses belonging to one user, united in personal wallet - keeper, is assigned WMID number of the user. For each type of currency in the system, the user registers a separate purse, which has a 12-digit number. Thus for Russian rubles are R - purses WMR, for dollars Z - purses WMZ, E-purse for WME - euro, etc.

For the operations of sales values, placed in electronic purses system Webmoney, there is a special software, called the Webmoney keeper. From the official site Webmoney Keeper set full complete set Classic. To access the browser, you can use Keeper Light, and to make purchases and receive payments is a simplified version called Keeper Mini. Mobile gadgets designed keeper Mobile.

To get an idea of the possibilities Webmoney keeper, need to know that it can be used to make sending and receiving title characters WM, transfer files on users system Webmoney, communicate via messages through the internal mail keeper. With the help of the system can produce billing for correspondents, exchange webmoney to other types of electronic money or to each other, to fill up the web purses or lend. Thanks Webmoney keeper can easily enjoy all the features of the system WebMoney.

If we consider and compare different Internet payment systems, possible to say that WebMoney Transfer the most advanced in the design and reliability compared to other similar systems. It is for this reason that more than ten million people give her preference when conducting electronic payments worldwide.

Here are some of the advantages of this system:

  • high security system;
  • possible to easily convert title characters: WMZ, WMR, WME, WMU, WMB, WMG, etc. For each type of currency makes supervision of the guarantor system. Therefore, the user of the system WebMoney is always guaranteed to get your cash, if they wish to make their conclusion. And, similarly, the deposit of funds in WebMoney purses, made without restriction.
  • lower tariffs for transactions in the system WebMoney between system users, representing 0.8% of the amount transferred. Moreover, the upper limit of such a commission is 50 for WMZ, WME, or 50 for 1500 for WMR.

If we consider the system Webmoney in purely utilitarian use, it becomes apparent that with its help, not looking away from the monitor and do not stand in line, you can make different types of payment in stores that accept Webmoney. Conveniently pay for cell phones and service providers, to replenish their accounts at online, make purchases in the most popular online stores, etc. In addition to this facility in the electronic purse Webmoney system can be easily exchanged for other types of electronic money, as well as just using the appropriate exchange points to bring to the bank card and get cash from an ATM.